Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why should your employer have anything to do with your healthcare?

The biggest problem with American healthcare isn’t the 47 million Americans without health insurance. The problem is the 260 million Americans that have health insurance.

Try this experiment. Close your eyes. Clear your mind of the daily hassles of work. Now ask yourself this question. Why should my employer have anything at all to do with my healthcare?

Your employer is not involved with your auto insurance or your homeowners insurance or your life insurance. Why should your employer be involved in your health insurance?

Americans have become accustomed to having their employer choose which health insurance companies provide our access to healthcare. This may seem normal but we are the only advanced industrialized country that ties access to health care to employment. If you lose your job, you lose your ability to see a doctor. Does that make sense to you?

Until 260 million Americans who ARE insured demand that we delink healthcare from employment status, we will never get the first-class healthcare that is worthy of our nation.