Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mental Contortionism Reigns

Healthcare reform is very complicated to explain, but very easy to distort. And, opponents are doing a great job of distortion. Their mantra - do you trust the government to run healthcare? - dredges up images of your last visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Now, that is scary! The fact that Medicare is a government run program somehow seems not to matter. I watched Keith Olbermann tonight with absolute awe and wonder as Medicare recipients shouted down Congressmen Ross and Snyder at a town hall meeting in Little Rock. Their demand? They didn’t want government to take over their health insurance - Medicare. Wow!

But, it is a particularly impressive act of mental contortionism to hear an actual sitting member of Congress warning Americans about the risks of “government run medicine” when government run medicine is precisely what Congress has voted to provide to the military, veterans and (most interestingly) themselves.